From now on, the Cranberry Valley will not be able to accommodate customers and visitors to the fields for security purposes required by insurers in the area of civil liability. The products are still available at the shop, so if you plan on making purchases you will need cash and we do not have an Interac machine on the premises.
Also, from October 5 to October 8 2018 there will be the cranberries Festival which is affiliated with the Cultural Association of the village of Kazabazua. Crafts, music, burger and hot dogs will be at the appointment and between 10 and 17 hours. For music and food will be available all the Thanksgiving weekend. Hope to meet you!


Centre Tourisme Vallée-de-la-Gatineau

Localisé au centre-ville, le Bureau d'information touristique de Maniwaki vous ouvre la porte vers l'Espace des découvertes.

Mie sous la croûte

Avec une formation de boulangère en poche et après un séjour à la boulangerie Première Moisson, Murielle Pigeon Besner, native de Montréal, a ouvert sa boulangerie en mai 2008.